Adv. American Literature - Kristie Nourrie
(English - Adv. Lit.)

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This course is designed for sophomores to coordinate with your studies of the United States history and focuses on students using their high order of cognition to discover from a contextual perspective how literature itself is a reflection of this changing society. We will discover how it reveals a blended significant voice of the “American” identity. What is the American Dream? How does the literature reflect our nation’s changing identity while in pursuit of those dreams? These essential questions will drive this course through many rigorous and relevant challenges of American Literature. An array of assessment methods will be used: in-class and take home essays, quizzes and exams, class discussions, critical examinations of literary texts, oral presentations, group projects, and a Final Exhibition, all of which are based on the Essential Questions. Some of these assignments will be joint assignments with Advanced American History and will be graded assignments in both classes. Equally important with assessing knowledge and understanding, is the development of critical thinking skills and problem solving processes that will enable you to continue future learning and become an active participant in the community and the world today.

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