Marine Science

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    NEXT TEST will include Plankton, Algae, Sponges and Cnidaria. Please study!

    Show only week 5

    24 December - 30 December

    1. Complete all the section reviews of Chapter 7. Thereare 12 questions worth 12 points total.

    2. Do the Chapter Chapter 7 Review. (end of chapter). This is worth 24 points.

    3. Turn in your binder with rganized sections. 20 points.

    Show only week 6
    This week

    31 December - 6 January

    1. Due next Thursday 4/26, is your LAB BOOK. It must include the following:

    a) The Ocean Acidification (OA) lab

    b) 2 Copepod microscopic views and 5 facts about copepods.

    c) The Brine Shrimp Activity (7 parts)

    d) The Crayfish lab report

    2. Color the three plates of Echinoderm diversity and complete animal adaptations on the last page. This is due Friday 4/27

    3. Fish respiration and circulation lab. See pages 302-303.

    3. Bring your textbook to class for Chapter review assignments.

    Show only week 7

    7 January - 13 January

      1. Work on the chapter reviews of Chapters 10 and 11
      2. Fish lab. Study respiration and circulation in a fish. Use Cuban Molly for respiration and Tilapia for circulation.

    Show only week 8

    14 January - 20 January

    1. Complete Chapter 9.1 and 9.1 and the Octopus article. Tyrn in

This course allows guest users to enter  This course requires an enrolment key